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LilacMC's Official Server Rules

All rules and regulations apply on both LilacMC and the Discord server. These rules are applied so that the server can be fun, healthy, and as safe as possible for all players to interact with!

  • Report rule breakers and provide screenshots if you can. Rule breakers will be punished accordingly.
  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any staff members.
  • These rules are subject to change without prior notice.
General Rules
General Rules
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  1. Be nice! Give respect to other players and staffs. Being rude to other players will result to a punishment.

  2. Players are not allowed to use multiple accounts.
    ■ If you have multiple players playing in your household, let staffs know.
  3. Do not build inappropriate / offensive structures.

  4. Mods that could give you unfair advantages are prohibited.
    Allowed mods: Optifine, Sodium (& other performance mods), Minimaps, Litematica (without print). Unsure whether a mod is safe to use on Lilac? Ask staffs first!
    Prohibited mods: Hacked clients, X-ray mod, AI control, Block printing mods,

  5. Abusing plugin or vanilla bugs/exploits/glitches will result to a permanent ban.

  6. Usage of inappropriate skins/in-game name (NSFW / Political / etc.) is not allowed.

  7. Scamming players is not allowed.
    ■ Adding deceptive items (fake mcMMO tokens, fake artifact shards, etc) on the auction house will not be tolerated.
    ■ Selling goods at an abnormal amount of money.

  8. Ban and mute evasions will result to harsher punishments.
    ■ This includes writing on signs, renaming items, and other ways of communication.

  9. Impersonation of any staff members may it be on Discord or in-game with the intent to deceive and/or cause harm will result to a ban.

  10. IRL Trading (Real life trading – in-game money/item for real money) is not supported by the LilacMC management in any way.
    ■ There is no way to track/confirm payments outside of our platforms.
    ■ Store items for in-game money is supported as we can keep track of every movement.

  11. Accumulating a number of warns every month will result to harsher punishments.

  12. Stalking people in-game by abusing invisibility potions along with the server map is not allowed.
    ■ Being in server or other players' areas where you don't belong (trespassing) is an offense.

  13. Rules are subject to change without prior notice.
Chat Rules
Chat Rules
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  1. Do not advertise other Minecraft/Discord servers in any form – unless it has connections to the server such as town/nation Discord servers.

  2. Spamming and unnecessary use of letters, sentences, and symbols will result to a mute.

  3. Swearing is only allowed so long as it is not excessive, with an intent to offend/berate someone, or directed at another player.

  4. Sharing personal information of other players is not allowed.

  5. Use appropriate player names and in-game nicknames.

  6. Communicate in English when talking in global chat. You can still however talk in other languages in non-global channels.

  7. Steer away from introducing controversial topics. This includes but not limited to politics, religion (including cults and sects) and etc.

  8. Rated 18/NSFW topics (sex, harmful drugs, violence, etc) are not allowed in the global chat, or local chat if it's in public zones/areas.

  9. Harassing players/staffs through the use of message spam, command spam, threats, insults and other related actions are not allowed.
    ■ This includes trash talking towns/nations/player warps/shops.

  10. Emphasis on LilacMC's LGBTQIA+ inclusiveness. Any homophobic remarks/actions toward a player or a group of players will result to a ban.

  11. Failure to listen to staffs when ordered to change chat topic could result to further punishments.
Gameplay Rules
Gameplay Rules
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  1. Do not destroy or deface any player builds in the server.
    ■ You are also not allowed to build/destroy on "town borders". This rule covers all builds including those that aren't in town claims.

  2. PvP requires the consent of the opposing player.
    ■ There is a designated PvP arena for this which has keep inventory/exp.

  3. Usage of internal/external modifications which give competitive advantage is not allowed.
    ■ This includes but not limited to X-Ray resource packs, auto-clickers, hacked clients.
    ■ Physical hardware modification such as "W/Spacebar Holder", "Physical Auto-clicker", etc. is not allowed.

  4. Claiming towns/homes 10 chunks near another town without any permission will result to the town being deleted.

  5. Do not try to find or abuse a way around the anti-AFK plugin.

  6. Stealing items, animals, loots, and mob kills from other players is not allowed.

  7. Building redstone machines or farms that are laggy in nature and causes a lot of lag in the server, will be removed automatically by staffs.
    ■ Big flying machines that harvests crops.
    ■ Mob farms that spawn an unreasonable amount of mobs.
    ■ Any farms that is proven to cause lag in the server.

  8. No explicit/inappropriate content via ArtMaps, Pixel Art, Builds, Books, and other means.
    ■ This includes but not limited to building/making politically motivated, overly violent, sexual stuffs and anything else in the same category.