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Jun 24, 2022

LilacMC Summer Event (Part 1)

LilacMC Summer Event (Part 1)
"A threatening voice calls out to you from the monolith... will you heed its presence?"

Hello all, Yulixyr here. I'll try to keep this a short read.

Today, we'll be kicking off the Summer 2022 event. Of course, this is just part 1 of the event. Unlike our past events, it will be up to the community (that's you!) to reveal the secrets behind the monochrome pillar looming over spawn.

The aura of the monolith has attracted Alaris back to our world. Team up with Alaris and Aster to destroy the monolith and find out where it came from. This will be no easy task, and they will need your help! Seek out Alaris near spawn to begin...

The token system is back this time, allowing you to earn the new Solstice Tokens by simply playing the game! Kill mobs, break blocks, go fishing, and more! Use these tokens to purchase exclusive items from Alaris (/alaris), such as new tools, tags, particles, and Solstice Keys. As for extra details, you can now earn Solstice Keys randomly from /vote now!


All players will be tasked with gathering lapis for Aster so she can cast a spell to remove the monolith. Everyone who donates to the cause will earn rewards, and those who donate the most lapis will earn Solstice Keys. The rewards are as follows;

  • 1st place: 5 Solstice Keys
  • 2nd & 3rd places: 3 Solstice Keys
  • 4th & 5th places: 2 Solstice Key
  • Participation: 10 Solstice Tokens

After the final goal has been reached, something will happen... be prepared for anything.


We have been made aware that some players are confused about how to start on the event. Below will be some frequently asked questions that we'll answer here;

"How do I begin?"

Talk to Alaris at spawn [/alaris] and read her dialogue. After she is done, you will get a quest to go talk to Aster. Aster is located at spawn [/spawn], next to the enchantment building. Talk to Aster to begin her dialogue, and she will ask you to help gather lapis for the event. Participating isn't mandatory, but it helps the community reach the goal faster and unlock new content.

"How do I see the new items?"

After Alaris is done talking, right-click her again to view her inventory. There is also a banner next to her that you can right-click to view additional items.

"How do I earn summer tokens?"

Play the game. You can earn then by breaking blocks, catching fish, killing mobs, planting and harvesting crops, cooking and smelting food and ingots, brewing, etc.

"What are the odds of earning tokens?"

Below is a list of actions that'll let you earn tokens;
- Mining and digging: 1/4500
- Woodcutting: Logs and Stems: 1/3200
- Woodcutting: Leaves: 1/4200
- Brewing (You must be within 15 blocks of the brewing stand): 1/400
- Crafting Weapons, Tools and Armor: 1/450
- Smelting Ingots: 1/1825 (Runs multiple chances based on # of items taken)
- Cooking Food: 1/2300 (Runs multiple chances based on # of items taken)
- Building: 1/1800 (Runs if the block is solid, so no plants, vines, seeds, etc.)
- Catching A Fish: 1/100
- Killing A Mob: 1/845
- Killing A Wither: 1/30
- Killing An Ender Dragon: 1/15
- Planting Seeds or Crops: 1/2650
- Breaking Pumpkins and Melons: 1/2667
- Breaking Wheat, Carrots, or Potatoes (Must be fully grown): 1/3200
- Breaking Nether Warts or Beetroots (Must be fully grown): 1/3200
- Breaking Cocoa (Must be fully grown): 1/2225
- breaking Canes or Kelp: 1/4800

These odds are subject to change, and I will do my best to update them accordingly. If you have any more question, feel free to ask Staff in-game, or create a ticket on our Discord and we'll answer as soon as we can.