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Aug 28, 2021

LilacMC Update v0.3 - Map & Market

LilacMC Update v0.3 - Map & Market
  1. Adjusted the anti-cheat to be a bit more 'forgiving'.
    ■ Less checks on the PvP stuffs.
    ■ Removed the the anti chat spam check.

  2. New flower recipes.
    ■ All flowers can now be crafted by putting a flower on the middle of a crafting table and surrounding it with 8 regular seeds.

  3. New limits:
    ■ Limit redstone-type blocks to 50 per chunk.
    ■ Limit hoppers to 20 per chunk.
    ■ Mobs will now be auto culled if there are a lot of them in a single block.

  4. Fishing contest update:
    ■ New Rare and Mythic tiers.

  5. New commands:
    ■ /rules leads to the website's rules list.
    ■ /market can now be used as a shortcut to /warp market.
    ■ /shop# can now be used a shortcut to /warp shop#
    ■ /market shows the live map link.

  6. Mob spawning has now been disabled in the resource world. For real this time.

  7. Clicking on the store logo now leads to the main website's home.

  8. Anti-AFK no longer kicks you but it teleports you to spawn.

  9. Coal blocks can now be crafted by putting in 3 x 3 charcoal on a crafting table.

  10. Lumberjack can now earn money from smelting wood as a lumberjack.

  11. Teleport sound volume has been decreased.

  12. NEW! Server's live map has been added. /map

  13. NEW! Server's marketplace. /market

  14. mcMMO's blast mining now works in the resource worlds.