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Sep 14, 2021

LilacMC Update v0.5 - PWarps, Parkour, & More!

LilacMC Update v0.5 - PWarps, Parkour, & More!
  1. Added timer to /vote!

  2. New commands:
    ■ /guide - Links to the website's guides page.
    ■ /donate - Links to the website's store page.
    ■ /playtime - Shows your playtime.
    ■ /parkour - Teleports you the the parkour area.
    ■ /dism - Shortcut for /dismantler.
    ■ /fs - Shortcut for /emf sell.

  3. Jobs update:
    ■ Moved Soul Sand/Soil from Miner to Digger.
    ■ Added Amethyst blocks to Miner.
    ■ Jobs payout adjustment. Most jobs have been buffed other than Miner and Farmer.
    ■ Spawner mob payment decrease has been adjusted: 90% -> 70%. This means that you should get far more money from spawners.
    ■ Concrete and Concrete Powder has been added to Builder.
    ■ Copper Ingot has been added to Blacksmith.

  4. NEW! PlayerWarps:
    ■ Players can now make their own warps for 10k each warp.
    ■ Warps have an upkeep of $50 in-game money every day.

  5. Sleeping Plugin:
    ■ As requested by a lot of people, nights will go by faster depending on how many people are sleeping.

  6. Chest Sort Plugin:
    ■ As requested by a lot of people, you can now automatically sort your chests via /sort. Chests are only sorted automatically when you have /sort enabled, and it sorts every time you close a chest.

  7. Referrals Feature:
    ■ There is now a referral system in LilacMC! For every friend you invite to the server, your friend can type '/ref [yourname]'. Your friend has to have an hour worth of playtime before they can use the feature. You will both get 1x Magnolia Crate Key.

  8. Server Updates & Bugfixes:
    ■ Harsher X-Ray checks.
    ■ Added optifine and other visual mods to the /rules.
    ■ Players will have keep inventory for 5 minutes after RTP.
    ■ Wither skulls not hitting anyone/anything.
    ■ Added in-game server announcements about store, guides, help, map, and etc.
    ■ Repair gems now work on Elytra and Shield.
    ■ New players will now get an hour of keep inventory and keep exp.
    ■ Builder rank has been added to Towns.
    ■ Main Nether and Resource worlds mobs will now drop artifacts.
    ■ Increased amount of money you can get from the premium crates.
    ■ New Discord bot!
    ■ There are now renewable anvils in /enchant warp.
    ■ Composters no longer register/lock automatically.
    ■ Crates now show the rewards you get.
    ■ Players can no longer open unlocked chests in your shops.
    ■ Plots no longer reverts when unclaiming.
    ■ Daily restart has been moved to 8 hours after.