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Jan 4, 2022

LilacMC Update v1.6 - Jobs Perks

LilacMC Update v1.6 - Jobs Perks
  1. General Updates/Fixes

    ■ Fixed some typo in /ranks and /help GUI.
    ■ Fixed broadcast errors.
    ■ Anti AFK pop-up messages errors has been fixed.
    ■ Added an anti nether portal trap mechanism.
    ■ Added more functionalities to Aster the Healer.

    ■ Removed green dye from farmer.
    ■ Temporarily disabled swimming quests.
    ■ Observers not counting towards limit has been fixed.
    ■ Market carts can now be rented.
    ■ Added /lilacsounds command to toggle custom sounds.

    ■ Added 23 new divine items to the server.
    ■ Added jobs perks.
    ■ Added 11 different GUIs for jobs including the central GUI.
    ■ Rule change: No more inappropriate build/artmap content.
    ■ Co-mayors can now kick residents in their town.

  2. Jobs Changes/Perks:

    ■ Added different perks to all jobs.
    Alchemist: Added all mcMMO recipes to the job, buffed by up to 75%.
    Builder: Nerfed concrete powder. Added sandstone, cut sandstone. Buffed stained glass and concrete.
    Cook: Nerfed EXP gain.
    Fisherman: Buffed EXP gain.
    Lumberjack: Buffed EXP gain.