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Sep 4, 2021

LilacMC Update v0.4 - Introducing Artifacts

LilacMC Update v0.4 - Introducing Artifacts
  1. Artifacts has been added to the game!
    ■ READ MORE: https://lilacmc.net/guides/

  2. You should now be able to see a player's ranks and balance by hovering over their names on chat. You will now also be able to message them when you click their names.

  3. Added new command shortcuts:
    ■ /createshop [price].
    ■ /buyshop to set a chest shop to buy shop.
    ■ /sellshop to set a ches shop to sell shop.
    ■ /removeshop to remove chest shop.
    ■ /website command that sends LilacMC's website link.
    ■ /fish command that teleports you to a fishing dock at spawn.
    ■ /dismantler command that teleports you to The Dismantler at spawn.

  4. New RTP Portal has been added at spawn.

  5. You can now make elevators using iron blocks! Check /market elevators for reference.

  6. 200 more words has been added to the chat reaction game. Thanks, @LilBunsie!

  7. Added a skull library with over 39k+ heads to choose from! Type /hdb to access the GUI.

  8. New #billboard channel has been added to the Discord server for town, shops, and other kinds of server related advertisements.

  9. Vote Crate has been replaced with Tulip Crate! New Artifact related items has been added to the tulip crate. Also, money rewards from this crate has been increased.

  10. Vote Party has been replaced with Pinata Party!

  11. Armor and fishing rod has been added to the starter kit.

  12. mcMMO EXP bars has been disabled due to it adding to 'screen clutter'. Do /mcmmo to check your exp!

  13. Resource worlds' difficulty has been set to PEACEFUL.

  14. Time lock has been turned off at spawn. You will now be able to see what the spawn looks like at night!

  15. Unscramble games in chat reactions will now show the unscrambled word once it's been guessed by a player.

  16. LilacMC has now transitioned to an anticheat that ACTUALLY works! yay!

  17. A looot of bugfixes such as villagers not fixing up items, PVs not working, a looot more!

That's it for now! For the latest news & updates, you can join LilacMC's Discord Server!