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Feb 19, 2022

LilacMC Update v1.8 - Valentines Events & more updates!

LilacMC Update v1.8 - Valentines Events & more updates!
  1. General Updates & Other Bugfixes

    ■ Fly disabling across different worlds has been fixed.
    ■ Added town name over player name hover.
    ■ [i] has been added as a shortcut for [item].
    ■ Added Trade Chat.
    ■ Added a Music Bot to the Discord Channel.

    ■ Fixed QuickShop logs not appearing when logging in.
    ■ Changed player limit message on hub from 50 to 200.
    ■ Key Exchange has been added to /vote
    ■ Added the channel you are in on the scoreboard.
    ■ Reverted AFK teleport timer to 10 minutes from 15 minutes.

    ■ Made parkour area bigger.
    ■ Added a new timed parkour area at /obstacle.
    ■ Disabled drunk/distorted text chat.
    ■ You will now need to crouch in order to make chest shops.
    ■ Updated RTP GUI.

    ■ Players can no longer enter towns they are outlawed in.
    ■ Added /townban [name] and /townunban [name]
    ■ Gold items can now be repaired with gems.

  2. Valentines Event & Crimson Crate

    ■ Added Crimson Crate to the LilacMC store.
    ■ Added 3 New NPCs at the Valentine's Area
    ■ Added new tags, items, and collectibles.
    ■ Valentine's Event.

  3. Jobs Update

    BUILDER: Added bridge and gate perk. Added a lot of new blocks to the payout. Joined concrete/undye perk for Digger and Builders.
    COOK: Added glistering melon, glistering cook to the payout. Buffed bread crafting.
    FISHERMAN: Nerfed fisherman exp/money. Decreased epic fish sell price, increased legendary fish sell price.
    LUMBERJACK: Added doors, fence, and trapdoors to payout.
    MINER: Added Calcite to payout list.