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Aug 11, 2021

A Look on the Chat Format

A Look on the Chat Format
Great conversations begin with a good-looking chat format!

On LilacMC, you will get access to four main chat channels: General, Local, Town, and Nation. These channels will be used to moderate the server chat and to make it less chaotic. The red dot you see on the right side of each message is a staff-only moderation tool. When a naughty player sends an unpleasant message, staffs now have the capability to get rid of them (of both the player and the message *chuckles* ).

With the RGB powers that Mojang bestowed on us back on the 1.16 update, we gained the ability to apply a color scheme to most parts of the server chat. This means that the jibber jabbers will now be easier to read (and that hyper saturated text colors are now a thing of the past)!

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