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Aug 11, 2021

Making Chat Easier & Intuitive

Making Chat Easier & Intuitive

As a complement to Lilac's chat format, we've also added cool shortcuts for everybody to use! From showing your newly enchanted chestplate to sending your coordinates, Lilac's Chat has got it all! At the moment, the server supports seven shortcuts and functionalities:

  • [item] - Shows the item you are holding.
  • [inventory] - Sends a preview of your inventory.
  • [enderchest] - Sends a preview of your ender chest.
  • [money] - Shows your current balance.
  • [pos] - Shows your current coordinates.
  • [ping] - Shows your current ping
  • Mention someone using @!
  • And many more to come!

We believe that great servers offer great communication channels. So from our Discord server, to the main server chat, we try our very best to make everything look clean, fun, and intuitive.

For the latest news & updates, you can join LilacMC's Discord Server!