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Dec 3, 2022

The Struggles of Avalan!

The Struggles of Avalan!
The Struggles of Avalan General Information

∎ Hey, friends! We hope everyone is doing well and is having a fantastic December/Winter season so far. We'd love to announce that LilacMC's Main Christmas Event is finally here: The Struggles of Avalan!

∎ It continues the story of last year's Christmas Event called "The Curse of Avalan". This year's event will focus on helping five recurring Avalan citizens namely Ferdel, Goswin, Hartmut, Isaias, and Oakley. Five of them will require everyone's help and in return, they will give you the Gift of Avalan which everyone is really excited about.

∎ You can type /christmas to participate in the event. There you will meet the Avalan NPCs as well as Creeper Santa whom you can trade the Christmas Lanterns with. You can also use the command /avalan to keep track of your quests.

∎ There are 10 Christmas Lanterns hidden around the map for you to discover!

∎ Within the next few days, you will have the ability to 'reroll' your Christmas 2022 Avalan Books using Divine Cores, stay tuned for #updates!

Top 3 Parkour Finishers at the end of the event will receive 15, 10, and 5 Christmas Lanterns respectively.

∎ If you haven't yet, we have announced the Christmas Art Map Contest on the #updates channel of our Discord server.

∎ Those who will complete all 25 days on the Advent Calendar will receive extra 5X Christmas Lanterns as well as an exclusive tag.

∎ The event will end January 3rd, 2023 11:59 PM PST.