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Sep 27, 2021

LilacMC Update v1.1 - Quest, Daily Rewards, & Fixes!

LilacMC Update v1.1 - Quest, Daily Rewards, & Fixes!
  1. Quality of Life Updates & Bugfixes:

    ■ Removed Diamond rewards from the premium crates.
    ■ Added new RTP plugin to fix accidental deaths caused by the previous plugin.
    ■ Heavily optimized market by lowering the render distance of item frames.
    ■ New fishing contest: Most Fish. Also included the name on the bossbar.
    ■ Fishing Contest: Replaced Artifact Shards with Tulip Key.

    ■ Player tab is now sorted alphabetically.
    ■ Added repair gem rewards to the Pinata Party.
    ■ Added gender neutral /tags for our non-binary friends!
    ■ Replaced the server MOTD from Open Beta to Official Release.

    ■ Redstone Update: Hoppers 20 -> 25, Redstone 50 -> 60
    ■ Disabled phantoms in the Main World.
    ■ Fixed Marquis rank-up giving the Duke Tag.
    ■ Added gold and iron blocks to the enchanting area.

    ■ You can now craft cobbled deepslate with 9 cobblestones.
    ■ You can now craft leather with 9 rotten flesh.  
    ■ Added keep-inventory message and timer for newer players.
    ■ Players will no longer be able to use ender-pearls in areas where it is disabled.

    ■ Adjusted RTP cooldown 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
    ■ Added 2 extra homes to the premium ranks.
    ■ NEW HUB!

  2. Jobs Update:
    BUILDER: Buffed stained glass, concrete and concrete powder by 100%. Also added placing glass panes to the job's payout.
    COOK: Buffed smelting actions: Muttons and steak now pay $3 per base price from $2.3. Also buffed other meats as well, including smelting potatoes.
    DIGGER: This job will now be paid for smelting glass.

  3. Shop Search Update:
    ■ A new shop search feature has been added to the server. You can access this by using the commands /lookselling [item] or /lookbuying [item]. You can use /ls or /ls as an alias.
    ■ Only the shops in the market will appear in the GUI.
    ■ Example: /lookselling egg, /lookselling sugar_cane, /lookbuying wheat

  4. Quests Update:
    ■ LilacMC now has a /quest command wherein you can see 1200+ quests that can help you earn your money!
    ■ This feature is to help the new players get started, and rank-up!

  5. Goatzart/Daily Rewards Update:
    ■ Every 24 hours, you will now be able to get certain rewards from spawn or /daily. Each day, you can get rewards ranging from money, items, shards, repair gems, divine core & more!
    ■ Missing a day would mean your /daily resetting back to Day 1.