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Sep 21, 2021

LilacMC Update v1.0 - Official Release, & Other Updates

LilacMC Update v1.0 - Official Release, & Other Updates
  1. Quality of Life Updates:
    ■ Added a client-side *ting* sound whenever you hit the pinata.
    ■ Chat react games should now work in the End and Nether.
    ■ Nerfed mob damage from 10% to 4% per level.
    ■ /condense has been added to the store ranks.
    ■ Added chance of getting Mending on Legendary items.
    ■ Setting a pwarp now requires confirmation.
    ■ PWarp price now defaults to 0.
    ■ Pet names not showing has been fixed.
    ■ Added /lilacsound toggle to turn on/off custom sounds.
    ■ Added co-mayor, helper, and builder ranks to Towns.
    ■ /tpdeny perk has been added.
    ■ Colored signs has been added to Jadeite Rank.
    ■ RGB signs has been added to Amethyst Rank.

  2. Discord Updates:
    ■ Added Supporter role on the Discord server.
    ■ Added a new way to post suggestions on the Discord server.

  3. Bugfixes:
    ■ Crate name bugs have been fixed.
    ■ Merchants only getting 1 ah slot instead of 2.
    ■ Replaced 'Anchovies' with 'Anchovy'.
    ■ Divine+ Mystic Blade Bug.
    ■ Fixed jobs payment prompt not showing the correct numbers.

  4. New Ender Dragon Mechanic:
    ■ To spawn the ender dragon, you'll now need to trade in your 4 end crystals via the Dragon Trainer NPC which is just close by the End Center Portal.
    ■ Customized the Main End Island map to improve the ender dragon raid experience.
    ■ Added glow to the ender dragon for clarity.

  5. Jobs Update:
    ■ Adjusted Job Pay Scale from 2.5% to 4% per level. This means that you should get far more money from jobs.
    ■ Jobs EXP now also scales with levels.
    HUNTER: Nerfed Wither and Ender Dragon. Added Illagers to the payment.
    BLACKSMITH: Nerfed Iron, Copper, & Gold Ingots Payment.
    COOK: Buffed smelting actions to be in line with the blacksmith and lumberjack job.
    DIGGER: Buffed dirt, sand, gravel, soul sand. The job should now get more money from the basic blocks.
    FARMER: Buffed killing mobs, fixed berries & glow berries.
    FISHERMAN: Buffed payments & exp.
    LUMBERJACK: Buffed smelting charcoal, and breaking logs/wood.
    BUILDER: Buffed stained glass, concrete, and concrete powder payment by 50%. Added most of 1.16/1.17 blocks to the job as well.
    MINER: Now gets paid for breaking end stone.