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May 28, 2022

LilacMC May 2022 Patch Notes - Brewery, New Divines, & more!

LilacMC May 2022 Patch Notes - Brewery, New Divines, & more!
  1. General Updates & Other Bugfixes

    ■ Mob eggs not working on certain type of mobs.
    ■ Tridents can now be repaired with repair gems.
    ■ Cats/parrots not standing up and sitting down.
    ■ Artifact not dropping from most mobs.
    ■ Mobs not spawning/extremely low spawn rate.

    ■ /delhome command now has a toggle.
    ■ Fixed server messages errors/typos.
    ■ #food channel on Discord!
    ■ Crossbows can now be repaired with repair gems.
    ■ Towny percentage tax has now been limited at 5%.

    ■ Pinata bar will now tick a lot slower.
    ■ Co-mayor can now give ranks to other residents.
    ■ Added /near command to the default rank.
    ■ You can no longer place upgrade cores.
    ■ Updated the staff page.

    ■ Added a minecart hopper limit.
    ■ Reduced minecart hoppers' speed/item rate.
    ■ Pinata will now knockback in 8 block radius instead of 20. Knockback will be much further.
    ■ Players will now be kicked from their towns after 120 days of inactivity. Their player data will be put in hibernation mode.
    ■ Replaced restart chat message with title/center based one.

    ■ Added fix for the a townyfly bug/exploit.
    ■ Shops in Nether will now appear on shop search.
    ■ It will now show you the limit of blocks you can place in a chunk through a limit bar on top of your screen.
    ■ Hoppers will now be able to take item from chest shops.
    ■ Mobs killed by wither explosion will no longer drop items.

    ■ Fixed Towny messages/format.
    ■ Added an extra note on store packages regarding permissions that do not stack.
    ■ Every music discs can now appear in randomly generated chests in the resource worlds.
    ■ 4 Regular Ice blocks can now be crafted into 1 Packed Ice block. 4 Packed Ice blocks can now be crafted into 1 Blue Ice block.
    ■  New rule update: You can no longer put "advertisement items" on /ah!

  2. Easter Event & Update
    ■ New collectibles.
    ■ Bunny themed events.
    ■ New tags, divine items, and pet eggs.

  3. Brewery and Divines Update
    ■ Added a brewery tutorial area via '/brewtutorial teleport' command.
    ■ Added a potion/brew collection GUI/book.
    ■ Added 107 new potion/brew for a total of 130!
    ■ Discover new recipes by looting generated chests in resource worlds.
    ■ Replacing divine upgrade mechanic by '/dupgrade' command.

    ■ Divines can now be dismantled at the Dismantler.
    ■ Added Hadalpelagic Set.
    ■ Added Paladin Set.
    ■ Added Vice Set.
    ■ Added Atlas Set.