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Oct 9, 2021

LilacMC Update v1.2 - Scrolls, Jobs Balance, & Fixes!

LilacMC Update v1.2 - Scrolls, Jobs Balance, & Fixes!
  1. Quality of Life Updates & Bugfixes:

    ■ Disabled Phantom spawning.
    ■ Resource worlds have been reset.
    ■ 256 tile limit in the Market has been removed.
    ■ Fixed Wither Skeleton and Cave Spiders not paying Hunters.
    ■ Increased the amount of shards you can get from the premium crates.

    ■ Replaced player heads in /rank with concrete to improve load time.
    ■ Added /towny top command permissions.
    ■ Removed global Wither death/summon sound.
    ■ Added different NPCs throughout the spawn.
    ■ Added more lines to the auto broadcasts such as PWarps, Contests, etc.

    ■ Fixed /nv not working in the resource worlds.
    ■ PlayerWarps is now sorted by the amount of visits instead of creation date.
    ■ Added Mending enchant chance to Legendary Orbs.
    ■ Added Bow & Crossbow along other enchants to Legendary Orbs.
    ■ Added /milestone for /quest!

    ■ Improved website load time.
    ■ Added a Tic Tac Toe minigame.
    ■ Added Jasmine Crate.
    ■ Premium rank perks have been added to /guides.

  2. Sappy Joe (Custom Sapling NPC)
    ■ Added an NPC that sells custom saplings (common & special).
    ■ Added 50 different trees to the baskets with 50 more ready to release soon.
    ■ Plant a custom sapling and bonemeal it for it to grow into a custom tree.

  3. The Elder (Quest Scrolls NPC)
    ■ Added an NPC that sells quest scrolls (bi-hourly and daily).
    ■ Completing the scrolls would give another scroll that you can trade to get Tulip and Jasmine Keys.

  4. Jobs Balances, Buffs & Nerfs
    FARMER: Buffed replant, cocoa, carrots, wheat, potato, and pumpkins. Nerfed sugar canes.
    HUNTER: Buffed Creeper, Blaze, Skeleton, Ghast, & Spider. Nerfed Ender Dragon, Wither, and Wither Skeleton.
    MINER: Buffed common blocks by up to 100% (2x).
    FISHERMAN: Buffed all fish EXP & Money by up to 100% (2x).
    BUILDER: More buffs to concrete, concrete powder, and stained glass.
    BLACKSMITH: Buffed crafting actions. Nerfed smelting actions.
    LUMBERJACK: Buffed Money & EXP in common blocks.