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Oct 27, 2021

LilacMC Update v1.3 - Halloween Event, Tutorial Area, & more!

LilacMC Update v1.3 - Halloween Event, Tutorial Area, & more!
  1. Quality of Life Updates & Bugfixes:

    ■ Changed store purchase announcement to the Wololo sound.
    ■ Fixed Tridents disappearing few seconds after hitting the ground.
    ■ Replaced Tulip Keys with Jasmine Keys as reward for the Fishing Contests.
    ■ Fixed Jobs' block place timer.
    ■ /nick not working for Duke & above.

    ■ Server Rebrand
    ■ Disabled the ability to spawn Chickens at spawn using eggs.
    ■ Replaced the old Auction House plugin with another one due to bugs & other issues.
    ■ Added tons of new rewards to all crates.
    ■ Added new rewards to the Pinata.

    ■ Added a timer for Jobs' EXP boosts.
    ■ Lowered mcMMO level up volume.
    ■ Added new rewards to the Dismantler.
    ■ Added a lot of fish to the regular and Halloween fishing contest!
    ■ /ls and /lb should now also show all shops outside the market.

    ■ Added a tutorial area for new players!
    ■ Increased the price of 'Legendary Orbs for Everyone Online'
    ■ Disabled signs, armor stands, and other blocks from disappearing after a town falls.
    ■ New item: Fish Stew! Host a fishing competition with better rewards.
    ■ Added Halloween words to the Chat Reaction Games.

    ■ Wither, enderman, and guardian farms' spawn rates have been reduced due to lag issues.
    ■ You can no longer drop items in the Pinata ship.
    ■ Removed 5% tax from chest shops.
    ■ Increased sapling drops from mcMMO Treefeller ability.
    ■ Sentry will no longer flag AFK players at Spawn.

  2. Jobs Balances, Buffs & Nerfs
    FISHERMAN: Added mcMMO treasures to the jobs' payout list.
    HUNTER: Added Stray and Slime to the job.
    FARMER: Added Vines to the job.
    BUILDER: Added lanterns, candles, logs, and nether blocks to the job.
    LUMBERJACK: Up to 15% boost to the payment.
    ALCHEMIST: Up to 100% boost to the payment.