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Nov 18, 2021

LilacMC Update v1.4 - ArtMap, AFK area, & bugfixes!

LilacMC Update v1.4 - ArtMap, AFK area, & bugfixes!
  1. General Updates

    ■ You can now send messages to other channels directly. Example: /lc [message here].
    ■ /sit and /lay at spawn has been fixed.
    ■ Bats now have a chance of dropping phantom membrane.
    ■ Removed search sign from the custom jukebox.
    ■ Command /jobs join now redirects to the main Jobs GUI.

    ■ Personal plot claims has been increased to 5000 from 100.
    ■ Beating highest score in /parkour should now give 8 shards.
    ■ Towny commands now work in the resource worlds.
    ■ Fixed Towny removing signs, armor stands, and other blocks when unclaiming plot or when a town falls.
    ■ New AFK area has been added.

    ■ Nether RTP fixed for Ruby rank and above.
    ■ Disabled Brewery drunk log-in kick message/action.
    ■ Resource worlds have been reset.
    ■ Added new icons to /pv: stone, ores, logs, planks, crops, & more!
    ■ Fixed /back sending people to nether roof.

    ■ Level 2 quests from The Elder now resets every 23 hours from the previous 24 hours.
    ■ Decreased Magma Cube artifact drop.
    ■ Player cap has been increased to 100.
    ■ Added icons to the ranks on Discord.
    ■ Vote shop diamond only giving 1 instead of 5 has been fixed.

    ■ AFK teleport timer has been increased to 15 minutes from the previous 10 minutes.
    ■ Spawners can now be registered and it will be auto registed upon placing.
     /nv not working in resource worlds has been fixed.
    ■ Added anti-xray in the resource worlds.
    ■ Removed permission for the command /pay all [amount].

    ■ Fallen towns can now be reclaimed again by previous members/residents.

  2. ArtMap Update:

    ■ LilacMC now has the plugin ArtMap!
    ■ Make pixel art in-game and be able to sell it!
    ■ Check lilacmc.net/guides for more info!

  3. Jobs Update:
    ■ Server will now announce every level ups from 41-50.
    FARMERS: Kelp, Nether Wart has been nerfed.