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Dec 17, 2021

LilacMC Update v1.5 - Christmas Events & more updates!

LilacMC Update v1.5 - Christmas Events & more updates!
  1. General Updates

    ■ QuickShop bought messages format has been fixed.
    ■ Town reclaim timer has been changes from 4 hours to instant.
    ■ Players now have access to [/pw ban]
    ■ Daily rewards cooldown will now be 24 hours after claim (instead of a set date/time)
    ■ Maxed /ah price 1M -> 5M

    ■ Removed referral plugin due to bugs and exploits.
    ■ Added /maphide & /mapshow as complementary commands for the rule changes.
    ■ All types of shovels can now be repaired with repair gems.
    ■ Added shroomlight recipe.
    ■ Replaced coal with repair tokens in the Dismantler.

    ■ Pinata voucher not working should now be fixed.
    ■ Added a confirmation to using fish stew.
    ■ Enabled mcMMO party EXP sharing at level 10.
    ■ Added new artifact prefixes using player names.
    ■ Going to the nether roof will now teleport the player to spawn instead of killing them instantly.

    ■ Update in-game and Discord rules.
    ■ Added /j as a shortcut to /jobs
    ■ Reset the resource world with the new main resource world being 8 times as big than the previous one.
    ■ Set maximum PWarp teleport cost to 100.
    ■ Removed legendary orbs to everyone from the store.

    ■ Boat race warp enderpearl issue has been fixed.
    ■ /teammsg command has been disabled.
    ■ PWarp views will now reset at the start of each month.
    ■ Added PWarp Categories.

  2. Thanksgiving Update:

    ■ Thanksgiving event.
    ■ New thanksgiving tools/tags/collectibles.

  3. Christmas Update:

    ■ Advent calendar event.
    ■ Added new Christmas crate to the store.
    ■ Added new collectibles, orbs, tags, and more as part of the update.
    ■ Announced The Curse of Avalan - Main Christmas event of 2021