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Jul 3, 2022

Summer Event Arena Changes & Fixes

Summer Event Arena Changes & Fixes

∎ Hello all, Yuli here.

I've been pushing myself to get the mob arena changes out as soon as possible, and as of this announcement, Mob Arenas will be re-enabled, and will run at the same times they've always been. Below are the changes made to the event, as well as some fixes.


Tokens earned are based on all damage dealt during an arena event instead of random chance. Getting 5 tokens should be rather easy, but you'll have to put in extra work to get more. The following chart will show the damage requirements for each token:

- 1st Solstice Token: 400 damage
- 2nd Solstice Token: 800 damage
- 3rd Solstice Token: 1200 damage
- 4th Solstice Token: 1600 damage
- 5th Solstice Token: 2000 damage
- 6th Solstice Token: 2400 damage
- 7th Solstice Token: 2800 damage

50 mobs will be spawned at all times, regardless of the number of mobs left in the wave. Killing 1 mob will spawn a new one somewhere in the arena. Hopefully this will reduce overall lag. Once the required # of mobs have been defeated, all remaining mobs will despawn and the wave will complete. Mobs will have increased health and damage to compensate.

During wave 4, all three bosses must be defeated to end the round. Mobs do not spawn infinitely, and will not count towards arena progress.

To earn a chance to receive an Exalted weapon, you must deal at least 2000 damage during the event. The chance to earn an Exalted weapon is now 1/40, down from 1/20.


Fixed an issue where eggs and mob balls could be used at the arena.

Fixed an issue where the mob counter wouldn't check for values below 0, effectively softlocking the event if the counter somehow goes negative.

Fixed an issue where players are not 'frozen' during arena off-time.

Extended the arena region a bit to cover up an unprotected area (Thank you Brayn!)


The amount of damage required, as well as the amount of earnable rewards, are subject to change at any time based on average player performance. If any changes occur, this post will be edited, so be sure to check back later.