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Jun 27, 2022

Summer Event Part 2

Summer Event Part 2

Hello all, Yuli here again.

I had intended for this community goal to take about 7 days... excellent work on exceeding my expectations! We're still waiting on Brayn to unlock the other milestone rewards, and in the meantime, I'll be tallying up everyone's donations to determine our top contributors. So be sure to keep an eye out for another update regarding that. Everyone who has donated should automatically earn their tokens upon joining.

The Monolith in spawn has been successfully removed, and Alaris has moved to a new spot, you can get there by typing /summerevent

Mob Arenas (BETA)

The first mob arena has arrived in the form of the Veilos Outpost. A large floating island once claimed by the pioneers of Veilos, now abandoned. Finding out the source of the monolith has led us here, and we're not alone.

Mob Arenas will stay for the duration of the Summer Event, then they will be vaulted for further expansion with new maps and new enemies.

Arenas will run every 2 hours on the 30-minute mark (i.e. 7:30 AM EST). When an arena begins, you can either go to /summerevent and jump into the center portal, or type /mobarena join. Make sure you're well-equipped, and good luck!

HOW DO THEY WORK?: Once the arena has begun, you are tasked with killing all of the mobs in the arena, work with your allies on this, as they hit hard. There are a total of 4 waves, and more enemies will appear during each wave. The final wave will contains 3 bosses. Once beaten, you are returned to spawn.

REWARDS?: Each mob you kill, or each mob you assist with killing, will earn you a 1/30 chance to get a Solstice Token. Completing an arena will earn you a 1/20 chance to receive one of the two exclusive arena weapons. False Arbalance, a powerful sword, and Velocity Driver, a devastating crossbow.

EXTRA: We take leeching very seriously here, if anyone is caught running around players and attempting to earn rewards without putting in any effort, or if you are caught hiding somewhere for a long duration of the arena, you will be blacklisted from participating in arenas.